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C++ Interpreter (Python) Just C++ interpreter written in Python C++ Interpreter
Formatted dir (Python) Improved version of dir function in Python Formatted dir (Python)
Automatic Whois in Python Script that checks when a list of domains has expired Automatic Whois...
Queries Tester in Psycopg2 Script to check queries execution time Queries Tester...
Handy lists operations Additional operations on lists in Python Handy lists...
Performance tests of Python Tests of Python efficiency on Debian, FreeBSD and Win2012 Performance tests...
Breaking code after specified period of time (Python) Small module in Python that allows to break function after specified time Breaking code after...
My multithreading library (Python) Multithreading library on pypy-stm My multithreading library...
Brainfork Interpreter Only Brainfork Interpreter :) Brainfork interpreter
Massmailer Tkinter Application that allows to send emails from many email accounts to many recipients. Massmailer in Tkinter
Xml Parser in C++ Simple xml parser in C++ Xml Parser in C++
Tic Tac Toe C++ Tic Tac Toe game in C++ based on sockets Tic Tac Toe
Smart Input Python library to filtering out user input Smart Input
Anonymous Quotes Simple Rails website where users can add anonymous quotes. Anonymous Quotes
Super Debugger Python library to analyze hanged up programs Super Debugger


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