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 Anonymous Quotes - My first Rails web app

26 August 2018

Yesterday I created my first Ruby on Rails application and because outcome is quite neat I decided to put here :)
This is just page with two views where users can place their quotes, for nice looking view I used few bootstrap templates.


Index Page

Adding new quote

My first experience is that Rails has bad support on Linux, (at least Mint), after successful instalation of Rails I haven't been able to create rails project, (rails new app) once eventually that commend run successfuly Rails haven't able to start its default project (rails s) in the end after few hours of fight it launched properly :)
I didn't experience those kind of problems with Django for example.

But on the other hand as pros I can admit that structure of project and code is really pleasant and clean. Maybe even better than in Python web frameworks? Hmmm but this last sentence I'm not sure yet :)

Source code:
Github Anonymous Quotes


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